Dr. Sayed Hassan Sibtain ( General Practitioner)

Dr. Sayed Hassan Sibtain ( General Practitioner)

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Dr. Sayed Hassan Bin Sibtain is one of the most contemporary General Physicians (GP) in Bahrain and is passionate about providing minimally invasive streamlined medical solutions through the use of advanced digital technology and contemporary medical practices.

He was born and raised in Pakistan, where he also completed his MBBS, with further certifications obtained from the UK and US Medical Institutes.



Senior General Physician

24 Hours Clinic and Emergency

Al Kindi Specialized Hospital Bahrain                                                 

Dr Jamal Al Zeera Medical Centre (Ex. Bahrain Clinic)                        

Orthopedic and Emergency

CMO and PRO in 2001, Pakistan.

Specialized Orthopedic Hospitals in Pakistan from 1989-2000.

General Medicine

Senior Resident Officer in Medical Ward in 1989.

General Surgery

Senior Resident Officer in Surgical Ward in 1988.

Registrations & Accreditation

NHRA Certified Medical Director and General Physician, Registration Number: 11001865

Member of American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), UK


Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Sindh University, Pakistan (1986)