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Health is Wealth! SmartLife Medical Center believes that one of the most important things to every individual is health. It gives everyone the power to live and enjoy life to the fullest. SLMC is Your Home for a Better Health! Our team have studied the medical services that can be provided to patients, families, and communities in the country or internationally. From Doctor Consultation "Face-to-face or Virtual Consultation", Laboratories, Check-ups, Blood Sugar monitoring, Home Care, and other innovative services, we will help you keep track of your wellbeing. We will give you the proper treatment with our high-end facilities, and we will connect you to the top hospitals in Bahrain.
Medical Consultation 

This procedure is for the outpatient wherein the attending physician identifies the health status of the patient including general check-ups, prevention section and consultation services that may be aided by laboratory and other investigations. The attending physician will also provide a plan of care to the patient based on the outcome of the assessment. This service will provide medical and health education to the patient, with emphasis on lifestyle modification to assist in speedy recovery and improvement in the quality of life.
International Telemedicine 

With the Telemedicine service, the patient can cut down the expense of travelling abroad for consultation. SmartLife works as a window for the patient to interact and discuss their condition with international doctors.
•Consult with doctors abroad without travelling. 
•Option to have multiple virtual consultations with different hospitals and doctors around the world 
•International diagnosis in your home country with extended support from Smartlife Medical Center.
Rapid Test

With the continuous spread of Covid-19, it is best to get yourself tested. Smartlife facility is equipped and qualified to handle testing for Covid-19. If you have had recent exposure or are symptomatic, book a regular appointment or visit our center.

When you should get tested? 
 •Prior to visiting loved ones 
 •For travel 
 •Recent exposure 
 •Experiencing symptoms  
International Referral

With our Referral service, if the patient is diagnosed for specialized treatment, SmartLife will coordinate directly with the hospital/doctor abroad and expedite an appointment on behalf of the patient. SmartLife will take care of the patient even after their treatment trip, where we will monitor the patient to assure prevention of complications in the care treatment. With SmartLife guiding you from start to finish, you can just focus on what is most important - Getting Well. 
•Access to state of art facilities available around the world 
•Seamless Experience: Coordination with the hospitals taken care by Smartlife Healthcare Group 
•Post treatment care by SmartLife doctors in Bahrain to ensure 100% recovery.   
Vitamin D Test 

This Test Helps to determine if you have a vitamin D deficiency; if you are receiving vitamin D supplementation, to determine if it is adequate You can get this test when you have abnormal calcium, phosphorus, and/or parathyroid hormone level; when you have evidence of bone disease or bone weakness; when you are at high risk of deficiency, or a healthcare practitioner suspects that you might have a vitamin D deficiency; prior to starting drug treatment for osteoporosis; periodically to monitor treatment of vitamin D deficiency
Virtual Consultation

To provide easy access and seamless access to the medical center's physicians, the patients can consult online using their computer or mobile while at home. This helps the patient to connect to the doctor through a video call or voice call to get a medical advice from the doctor. The patient can do the online consultation whether he/she is in Bahrain or outside the country.    

Complete Blood Count Test is not requiring you to be fasting. Evaluating the 3 types of cells in your blood—red, white, and platelets To determine your general health status; to screen for, diagnose, or monitor any one of a variety of diseases and conditions that affect blood cells, such as anemia, infection, inflammation, bleeding disorder or cancer
Food Test

Food antibody test includes information about the specific food antibodies detected in your blood sample and guidelines on how to make full use of the test results. You will be receiving a Report showing the concentration of Figg antibodies detected for each food. Foods are categorized as Elevated, Borderline, or Normal, depending on the antibody level detected.

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