Let me make it clear more about the various shapes and sizes of NO

Let me make it clear more about the various shapes and sizes of NO

There clearly was a right time whenever an investor will say NO to the opportunity I showcased in their mind and I also would just mark them off a list and proceed. However with the main benefit of experience I’ve discovered that there are many colors of NO.

Whilst needless to say i am going to constantly respect a decision that is investor’s we find myself increasingly interested to comprehend the main of these choice to pass through or forgo the opportunity. And even though there clearly was a time i might accept an answer such as for example, “We’re already too exposed”, or “It’s not attractive enough”, or “We’re not investing into the UK”, or “It’s too little” and thus on and so on, we now need to know every thing there was behind your choice. If they’re too ‘exposed’ then I’d like to understand what asset class they’re confronted with currently and where will they be lacking or under-exposed. Then i’d like to know what makes it unattractive and what actually makes one attractive to them if the deal is ‘not attractive enough. If they’re perhaps not buying a certain geography, say, the UK, then I’d like to understand why and additionally where they’re currently underexposed and desire to gain publicity. Then i’d like to know what ticket sizes they’d prefer to write and whether they could start with slightly smaller amounts and grow larger with time if‘it’s too small. Or, in cases where a deal is quite big, would they be ok to co-invest alongside another investor.

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