About Us

SmartLife is a general practice health care Medical Center which provides the best medical services in Bahrain.

Our Team

Our medical center consists of professional and certified Family Medicine Consultants.

Message from MD

In SmartLife Medical Center (SLMC), we are here to help patients get recovered from illness or injury.

Need a Doctor for Check-up?


Medical Consultation

This procedure is for the outpatient wherein the attending physician identifies the health status of the patient including general check-ups

Health Remote Monitoring

This type of service allows the medical center to continue to track healthcare data of the patient anytime and anywhere. The patient will be using the

Health and Well-being

The way we live and how we feel has a great impact on how we perform in our jobs and personal lives.

International Telemedicine

Innovative technologies have transformed the healthcare system in broadening its reach and makes telemedicine more important than ever.

Post Hospital Care and Recovery

This temporary care is called intermediate care or aftercare which cater to patients who were discharged from the hospital due

Medical Check-ups

Smartlife Medical Center offers a wide range of Medical checkup, that aimed to support its patients, this include but not

Virtual Medical Consultation

To provide easy access and seamless access to the medical center’s physicians, the patients can consult online using their computer

Referral to Local and International Healthcare Providers

SmartLife Medical Center is providing its clients a referral to the best hospitals located in Bahrain and Internationally.

Need a Doctor for Check-up?


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